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I’ve been a patient of Edward for several years; my chronic back pain has been helped with acupuncture. First started out with needles treatments, then Edward switched to lasers and ear therapy. I have to say that I am happy with the continued results. The treatments continue to carry me through several days pain-free. I’m happy with the speed of the new treatment; I can get back to my busy day.

R. Salas, Redlands

At first I was skeptical with the laser treatments, but after I hurt my back I was amazed at how much my pain reduced after just one session. I’m sold!

D. Montez, Covina

Edward has treated me off and on for several years whenever my sciatica flares up. I’ve been getting regular needle treatments that would last 45 minutes. This new method is done in 10 minutes! I’m astounded that I can get pain relief so quickly!

P. Sersaw, Yucaipa

I’m sitting at my desk all day; needless to say I have developed low back pain that Edward has treated using acupuncture needles. With the switch to this new technique I was a bit doubtful at first, but after several sessions I can honestly say that I get the same results in a fraction of the time. If I can get pain relief without being stuck by needles, that’s even better for me. I’m all for modern technology.

V. Richards, West Covina

After one session I can feel the inflammation in my knee go down. I can actually bend my knee again. Amazing.

C. Gaytan, Azusa