Laser Acupuncture Therapy

Is Laser Acupuncture Therapy Safe And Pain-Free? Reach Futureacu To Clear Your Doubts!

Laser acupuncture therapy is generally the same as normal acupuncture but the only difference between both processes is the use of equipment. In laser acupuncture, only the laser light is used instead of needles which are used in traditional acupuncture.
Moreover, this therapy is completely safe, painless and effective. Thus, the people who have needle phobia can get rid of their health issues without any hassles now. Futureacu is the best choice for those people to experience a different type of care and
treatment in West Covina.

The Benefits To Choose Laser Acupuncture Instead Of Other Therapies:

  1. Boost the immune system.
  2. Restore the normal range of motion.
  3. No chance of side effects or pain.
  4. No surgery or penetration required.
  5. Reduced healing time and quick pain elimination.

    What Conditions Can Be Benefited With Laser Acupuncture?

    ● People who are suffering from some general health issues such as stress, pain and poor digestion; can adopt this therapy for instant relief.
    ● Tumors, polyps, or precancerous growths can be shrunk or destroyed through laser acupuncture therapy .
    ● You can even get cancer treatment support.
    ● Kidney stones can be removed.
    ● Hair loss resulting from alopecia or aging can be treated.
    ● Vision problems can be solved by improving it.
    ● This therapy is also beneficial for some pregnancy issues and women’s health.

    Is It Really Pain-free And Safe?

    In this therapy, the patient is treated through a laser only that needs no skin piercing and that’s why it is totally painless. It can be called a quick and easy process of healing.
    During this effective treatment, laser beams produce low-heat light, pressure and electromagnetic waves which are responsible to stimulate the acupuncture point of the human body, and input energy into it. The most important factor of laser acupuncture therapy:- it promotes biological function, regenerates or stimulates tissues too fast and enhances cell function to alleviate pain. During the treatment at Futureacu, you may not feel anything like pain and all. Therefore, laser acupuncture therapy is non-toxic and non-invasive. It’s safe too because it does not cause any kind of skin infection at all.

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